How does EDM CHARTS calculate chart positions?

Our top 100 is computed solely by your votes. I'ts up to you to support the artists and releases you love. Choose wisely though, as you vote has a big impact. It not only pushes the release for this weeks chart, but for many weeks to come.

So how does this work? The moment you press that vote button, it immediately gets extra points to move up. It will overtake the release above it when it gains enough points.
We do want to give every track a fair shot at the charts, so although your vote will stay valid for multiple weeks, it will loose traction every week, giving more influence to newer votes.

This way your vote will affect a lot of charts to come, but graciously makes way for new tracks and new votes.

Does EDM CHARTS currate the top 100?

No! We will never, ever, currate the chart. The chart is specifically designed to reflect your votes and give every track a fair chance.
We're not in it to tell you what music we like. You can tell us what you like and if enough of you like it, it will go up in the chart.

I suspect fake votes. What is EDM CHARTS' policy on this?

We love our users. Really, we do! You give us the best charts.
You are the voters. You can vote as many tracks as you like, and you can vote for them once every week.

But yes, that's once a week per track! Please don't use methods to try and vote multiple times for one track.
We actively monitor votes to make sure they are real. Use of illegal methods such as bots, proxies and scripts are strictly forbidden.

If we find highly suspicious votes, they will be removed and the user will be banned for undisclosed time.

I'm a producer/label and want to have my track compete in the EDM CHARTS

Good news! That's entirely possible!
The nice thing about the top 100 is that every artist can make it. You don't have to be a big headliner to make good music. So why should you have to be one to make the charts!

To be fair though, your music must meet a number of requirements:
It has to be good music. We're a chart platform, so it it's not it won't make the chart any way. That's harsh, but that's how it works.
We strongly believe everyone can be an excellent producer, so just work hard, create a great melody, and make sure your production value meets that of the other tracks on our website.

Having your music out on Spotify and stores like iTunes certainly helps. Although this is not a must, please try to at least have it available on Spotify, as we post our top 100 there every week.
All set? Click "Submit Music" on the top! If there are no release plans, you'd probably be best off looking for a record label first.

Can I still see the old EDM CHARTS?

It's great to browse through old charts. You can find even more awesome music or maybe you were in it!
We wouldn't want to rob you of this great oppurtunity, so you can find them all here.

Will tracks stay available forever on the EDM CHARTS?

Yes and no. We'll always keep tracks available so you can still find them on your favorite stores and streaming platforms. They will not however stay votable indefinitely. As your votes are currently the only metric we rely on to compose the weekly charts, we want to make sure every release gets a chance to move up the charts. The focus here should be on new releases, so the charts will reflect the current interested in current tracks. Tracks that aren't available for voting anymore, will show up here, and will be shown in black and white within search.

The EDM CHARTS widget says I have more votes than the track above me.

The widget currently displays total votes. As explained in the paragraph on how we calculate the charts, we count each and every vote.

However, every week the vote loses traction. So newer votes influence the charts more than older votes.
This is because the chart should reflect what people love right now, and give new releases a fair chance.

So, one track can have more votes in total, but if another track has generally newer votes, it can still surpas that other track in the charts.

Weekly Updated!
Every monday we update the top 100 to our playlists at major streaming platforms to reflect the votes on this website!
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